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GIL KANEDA is a creator of modern ballads. He writes his own music & lyrics, plays the piano & guitar, and sings. He is also an actor & model. His music career began after hearing his first Bob Dylan album followed by guitar lessons taught by a girl in his high school freshman English class. Kaneda is primarily influenced by rock, classical, jazz, & movie scores from the sixties & seventies. His favorite composers include JOHN BARRY, HENRY MANCINI, MICHEL LEGRAND, BURT BACHARACH, & classical GERSHWIN. Some of his favorite performers include FRANK SINATRA, NAT KING COLE, JULIE LONDON, TONY BENNETT, ELVIS PRESLEY, THE BEATLES, THE DOORS, NEIL DIAMOND, FIFTH DIMENSION, THE CARPENTERS, DAVID BOWIE, KATE BUSH, & SARAH MCLACHLAN.

ONLINE REVIEW BY MARK E. WATERBURY: Atlanta's Gilbert Kaneda is a singer/songwriter that seems to take pages from Dylan, Jim Morrison and Buddy Holly to heart, and then run them through his soul to create a hybrid of thought provoking lyrics sung in a robust and heartfelt timbre that lends a modern folk vibe to the music. The stripped down feel places you in intimate company of Gilbert's psyche on this debut. A twenty-first century poet with deep running roots. ( musicmorsels.htm)


Gilbert Kaneda

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